Natural hair is being celebrated in a much-deserved light lately. Take, for example, model Maria Borges, who recently rocked an au naturel puff at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Borges looked like an absolute goddess walking the runway with confidence and grace sans a weave or extensions. However, while natural hair is praised and encouraged, it requires a strict regimen to keep it looking its best. Which is why bloggers are a total godsend when it comes to getting the best tips, product recommendations, and look inspiration. 

We scoured the Internet for some of the best blogs that unlock the key to stunning natural strands (with a generous dose of female empowerment to boot).

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Curly Essence

Packed with interviews where real girls share their struggles and triumphs related to their curly hair, music playlists, and lifestyle guides, Curly Essence is way more than a curly how-to. 


Trop Rouge

Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge is the essence of cool-girl chic. While she doesn't explicitly cover hair-related content, her lookbook is excellent inspiration for how to style your curly locks and pair them with different looks. 


Grasie Mercedes

You may remember seeing Grasie of Grasie Mercedes on Who What Wear's Fall Denim Guide. There are several reasons why we love her, one being that she has a ton of great hair hacks and tips that she pairs with must-have looks. 

Alexa's Instagram is all the natural-hair goals as it is, but head over to her YouTube channel, for tons of curly-hair styling tips and tricks.


Curly Nikki

Nikki Walton is a licensed psychotherapist and best-selling author (check out her book, Better Than Good Hair, $18). On Curly Nikki, you'll find life and hair advice—something we find ourselves needing on a daily basis.


The Feisty House

Krystal Scott, founder of The Feisty House, is your everyday mogul. She gives positive, helpful advice for how to live your best life, whether in the beauty, lifestyle, or fashion space. Her videos are adorable and full of tons of amazing tips for getting your natural hair to look just right.



ChicNaturalistas was created by two friends, Dayna and Brittany. They have an amazing tagline: Where Fashion and Fros Collide. So cute, right? This blog is the perfect space to spotlight their confidence with their natural hair and their love of fashion, giving readers inspiration for how to style their entire look. 


Mercredie Blog

Okay, Mercredie may be written almost entirely in French, but the product mentions are universally understood. She also provides tons of beauty images and tutorials for a visual experience—and, if you really find yourself needing more info, Google Translate is your friend. 


Urban Bush Babes

Nikisha Brunson and Cipriana Quann of Urban Bush Babes are two (super-trendy) friends who cover hair, music, fashion, art, and culture, all in one easy-to-digest and swoon-worthy format. Brunson also has her own Etsy shop called Folie Apothecary full of natural beauty products we can't wait to get our hands on.



Un-ruly is a perfectly ironic blog name to juxtapose the social construct of natural hair with the appreciation and celebration of "the versatility and beauty of Black hair and women," as outlined on the site. It's an incredible space for women to be inspired by other women's stories of how their natural hair is shaping their lives.